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Dr. Pineda is a highly sought after speaker, social development scholar, and senior advisor to leading global cities and fortune 500 companies. Here are some global events that Dr. Pineda has been invited in as a keynote speaker:

UAE Public Policy Forum

Radical Inclusion: I love Smart Cities, But They Don’t Love Me Back, Yet!”

Smart Cities Expo Word Congress

Victor Pineda: My Journey Through Struggle, Innovation and Radical Inclusion

What It Means to be Human and How Brands Can Design for the True Inclusion of All of Humanity

Dr. Pineda’s speech at the Sustainable Brands 2017 event in Detroit on the participation of brands to the design for True Inclusion.

The Power of Inclusive Thinking

Dr. Pineda’s speech on his call for “Radical Inclusion” at the World Bank-WikiStage 2015 event during the Bank-IMF Annual Meetings in Lima, Peru.

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